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Longitud: 12'/ 3.66m
Manga: 53'/ 1.35m 
Vela: 86sq ft/ 7.99sq m
Peso: 195/88.45 kg
Casco: Polietileno Rotomoldeado

The Bravo's roomy cockpit comfortably accommodates one or two sailors. The lightweight, easy-to-handle, quick-to-rig-and-launch design insures you'll get on the water in no time. Great features include large boomless square-top sail with roller furling capabilities, drink holder, molded-in cooler, righting line and much, much more.

S/. 20585.00 + TAX
Longitud: 13'/ 3.99m
Manga: 7'/ 2.13m
Vela: 95sq ft/ 9.2sq m
Peso: 245lbs/111.13 kg
Casco: Polietileno Rotomoldeado

It’s fun, safe for beginners and affordable! Designed especially for beginning sailors the Hobie Wave is easy to use for the whole family. This 13-foot catamaran is lightweight yet durable, easy to assemble, and fast and exciting to sail! The Hobie Wave...fun for the whole family!

S/. 26276.35 + TAX
Longitud: 16' 0" / 4.88 m 
Max Anchura: 112 " / 2.84 m 
Min Anchura: 42 " / 1.06 m
Peso: 115 lbs. / 52.12 kg 
Capacidad: 350 lbs. / 159 kg
Vela: 57.5 sq. ft./ 5.34 sq. m
Casco: Polietileno Rotomoldeado

It is with great pleasure that we announce the newest addition to our product line-up, The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, a 16' Trimaran "Sail/yak" that incorporates the patented Hobie MirageDriveTM into a unique sailing machine unlike any other sailing craft on the water.

Longitud: 16'7"/ 5.05 m
Manga: 7'8"/ 2.4 m 
w/ wings: 10'4"/ 3.21 m
Vela: 180sq ft/ 16.75sq m
Peso: 390lbs/ 177 kg 
Casco: Polietileno Rotomoldeado

The Hobie Getaway is the “social boat” of Hobie Cat’s rotomolded catamaran line. With a huge carrying capacity, the Hobie Getaway comfortably accommodates six adults. A lot of boat at a tremendous price, the Hobie Getaway is designed to withstand rigorous use and provide years of sailing.

S/. 37539.45 + TAX
Longitud: 16'7"/5.05 m
Manga: 7'11"/2.41 m
Vela: 218sq ft/20.25sq m
Peso: 320lbs/145.2kg
Casco: Fibra de vidrio/Foam Sandwich

The Hobie 16 is loads of fun and easy to rig. It offers easy hull-flying and high performance. Designed originally for ocean surf launching and beaching, the sturdy Hobie 16 is built tough to handle it all. The 16 is the world’s largest one-design catamaran class with nearly 100,000 boats sailing world-wide.

S/. 50211.30 + TAX
Longitud: 17' 11" / 5.46 m
Manga: 8' 6" / 2.59
Draft: 7.1" / 0.18 
Vela: 454 ft2 / 42 m2
Peso: 397 lbs / 180 kg 
Casco: Fibra de vidrio / Foam Sandwich

Hobie Cat Europe asked a panel of esteemed naval architects, Olympic sailors, and sailmakers to design and build an F18-class category killer. The result? The all-new Hobie Wild Cat F18. This no apologies racing cat will unquestionably make its presence known in F-18 racing.

S/. 92736.00 + TAX
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